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The rat-race of everyday life prompts an increasing number of us to dedicate more and more time to active holidays, instead of getting content with the usual glimpses of scenery through windowscreens. We need time to admire the view, taste local wines and visit off-the-beaten-track treasures that lay hidden to the fast moving crowds of modern times.

Slow down – that is what we need and our bike is our chief ally. The same distances might be covered by bike but in exchange for our efforts in pedalling the reward is freedom in a way that we have never experienced before.

With this recognition in mind, our main goal is to acquaint our guests with the natural beauties and hidden treasures of various regions in Hungary by bike.
The itineraries have been designed to offer special experience during the whole tour. Our closeness to nature and riding with fellow bikers creates an unforgettable family atmosphere from the very first day among the participants.

Every year brings new excitement and expectations towards our tours, new participants and returning guest alike.
We feel privileged to call our favourite leisure time activity our job, perhaps this is why there is an ever-growing number of people who fall in love with spending their time on active holidays.

We have been organising cycling trips for 150-200 bikers annually.

We sincerely hope that our introduction stired your interest and eventually you will join us to spend a few active and memorable days in Hungary.



Felsővillasor 49.
8175 Balatonfűzfő 
tel: +36-20-3891730
skype: norazav