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„FULL OF FRUIT” bike tour in the countryside of Eastern Hungary
Tisza Region
individual and group bike tour
6 days, 5 nights, full board - Price 2018

The Tisza Region is one of the most beautiful Hungarian landscapes. It is a premium environment for travellers who wish to experience the latest way of travelling the so-called responsible travel. The several hundred years old, spell-binding, small mediaeval churches and the amazing, untouched nature make this area unique in every way.  The appearance of the churches may surprise our tourists. The belfry is characteristically apart from the main building. The inner decoration of the churches is unlike the rest of the Hungarian Calvinistic churches with hand-painted coffering and remains of thousand years old frescos.
The hosts of the region’s rural-eco tourism respect and keep the traditions. The Upper Tisza Region is famous of its fruit culture. The apple, the plum, the sour cherry and the walnut cultivation is taken place in a rather big territory.  The blossom of the fruit trees is an impressive view in spring from April to May. Bicycling among the blooming fruit gardens provides a unique experience. The sour cherry ripens already from June to July, the plum from August to September and the apple from August to October. Our guests can take part in the local gastronomical attractions in all seasons of the year. However, beside the bike trip through the nature, the most exciting experience is to participate in the fruit harvest, processing in summer and autumn, not to mention the unforgettable cooking, baking and plum marmalade making together with the hosts. Pálinkas with Protected Designation of Origen characterize the land such as the Szabolcs Apple pálinka, the Szatmár Plum pálinka, the Újfehértó Sour Cherry pálinka. Our guests can take part in pálinka tasting programs. We offer them the opportunity to taste special local dishes.
The region is abounding in natural and cultural beauties. It is excellent for bicycling on flat surface. The built tracks by the Tisza and the Szamos rivers, the reservoir’s barriers offer lovely bicycle paths. Additionally, the connecting roads between the towns with low traffic present a safe way to ride a bike on. The second largest Hungarian city- so called the Calvinist Rome- Debrecen is included in the program. Debrecen has direct connection with London, Malmo, Paris, Milan and Eindhoven by the WizzAir airline. In addition, from Munich there are Lufthansa flights on schedule to the city.

1. day: Arrival to Budapest, transfer to Debrecen (2,5 hours) or arrival to Debrecen
We have dinner in Debrecen.
Accommodation at four stars Hotel Aquaticum with breakfast. There is a good thermal bath here, a SPA complex, we can enjoy the thermal water!

2 day: Tivadar-Tarpa-Csaroda-Tákos-Olcsvaapáti-Tivadar (42,5km)
After breakfast transfer from Debrecen to the beautifully small village by the Tisza River (1 hour 20 minutes). Check-in to the accommodation, receiving the bikes, information about the bike tour. Our bike adventure begins in Tivadar. During the trip we will go through authentic and cozy villages meeting the friendly inhabitants of them.  We will have the chance to visit some of the main attractions of the area: The unique stone mill in Tarpa, typical hungarian grey cattles, the church from the late roman age by the Csaronda brook in Csaroda and the wattle-and daub walled church – the so-called barefoot Notre Dame- in Tákos. Local foods tasting in the nature is expecting the bikers on the way to our destination. After the long day the delicious dinner will be ready to take together with the hosts. Pálinka tasting will be waiting for the brave applicants. This elixir is the Hungarian spirit from fruit.

3 day: Tivadar- Kisar- Nagyar-Szatmárcseke-Kölcse (30 km)
Getting back on the bike! We will see something different today. Our first stop is the House of Nature in Kisar. Interesting exhibitions can be found in this visitor center about the settlements, the waters, the Hungarian steppe and the forests. We will experience the charm of the fascinating Luby castle surrounded by the garden of roses in Nagyar. We also will have the opportunity to get to know a historical, old cemetery with boat-shaped graves in Szatmárcseke. A traditional oven-baked Szatmár lunch will be served for us. Accommodation in Kölcse, we close the day by having traditional meals for dinner and tasting the 100 % local apple juice.

4 day: Kölcse-Túristvándi – Kömörő - Penyige-Sonkád- Kölcse ( 41 km)
A new bike challenge day! We will discover an unexampled water mill on the river side of the Túr in Túristvándi. If the water is warm enough , we can try to swim in it.  During the bike trip we will visit one of the most authentic small willage called Kömörö, a plum marmalade house in Penyige. The singularity of the museum will surprise our bikers. The visitors can see the several hundred years old making process of the black gold of Szatmár (the marmalade), inherited by the great grandmothers. The unique way of processing the fruit allows to create100% plum marmalade without any additional ingredients. As the museum is an interactive meeting point of the traditional plum dishes, we will be able to taste many of

them. We will have tasting of local plum dishes as well. Accommodation in Kölcse, we will have various and rich dinner of traditional local Szatmár meals.

5 day: Kölcse – Cégénydányád- Debrecen
Last day by transfer! We can admire the beautifully renewed Kende mansion with a huge platan tree in the middle of its garden. The tree is natural curiosity of Cégénydányád. We will visit fruitgarden, collect cherry, plum, or apple. An authentic barn will be hosting us for lunch with oven-baked Szatmár dishes.Transfer to Debrecen, check-in to the accommodation, relax in the thermal bath. Dinner will be ready to say goodbye to us. Transfer to Budapest Airport (2,5 hours) or to Debrecen Airport (10 minutes)

During the bike trip our guests are accommodated in rural tourism guest houses of four sunflower qualification -which assures the highest comfort and equipped level- in double rooms with bathroom. The rich breakfast - made by hosts- includes home-made products, smoked sausages, marmalades, cheese, vegetables and fruit. We provide accommodation to our guests with wellness and thermal bath availability at four stars Hotel Aquaticum in Debrecen.

Our fruit bike tours with guide:
Among flowering fruit trees tour:       22.04.2018-27.04.2018.
Cherry tour:                                           10.06.2018-15.06.2018.
Plum tour:                                              26.08.2018-31.08.2018.
Apple tour:                                             09.09.2018-14.09.2018

Max. 16 persons!


  • 2 nights at Hotel Aquaticum with buffet breakfast, dinner
  • unlimited use of thermal baths, open air baths, sauna world, bathrobe use
  • 3 nights in guest houses of rural tourism with traditional meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Bicycle hire for three days
  • tickets of tourist attractions
  • guide and map
  • tasting of local products
  • transfers ( Airport, Debrecen-Tivadar, Cégénydányád-Debrecen )

Price: 598 EUR per Person in double room
Prices for children (3-14): 495 EUR per Person
Single room supplement: 86 EUR per Person

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